EDU: UTechMDC 2019 with a Medley of Masters

Episode 26 with Attendees How to leave a recorded lesson Aaron Alvarado Notes
  • Using Screencastify
  • 3PR: Pause, Perform, Play, Review
  • Using Podcasts
  • Equipment for podcasting
Don't Ditch That Tech Matt Miller Notes
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Change approach with technology
  • Classroom management
  • Adjusting instructions
  • Students give peer feedback
Google Applications in the Library Jason Galvan Notes
  • Using Google Classroom in the Library
  • Book Club
  • Google Forms
  • Signing Sheet
Personalized Blended Learning Julie Kelly
  • Instructional Technology Strategist
  • Weslaco ISD
  • Google Certified Trainer, Blended Learning Live! facilitator
  • @JulieKeefeKelly
  • Student Control
  • Teacher provides the choice
Augmented Reality Alfonso Mendoza
  • Instructional Software Specialist
  • Sharyland ISD
  • Google Certified Trainer
  • @TechTeacher1381
  • #ARVRinEDU
  • Explore Different View Points
  • See the world beyond the 4 walls
Lyford CISD Student Tech Squad Samantha Torrez: Kacey Salinas, Heather May, Bailee Nieto
  • School Librarian: Students at Lyford Middles School
  • Lyford CISD
  • @lyfordtechsquad
  • Tech Makes Class Fun
  • Help people
  • Osmo
  • Sphero
  • 3D Pens
Podcasting in the Classroom Josue Pruneda
  • Forensic Science Teacher
  • Google Level 1; Level 2; Microsoft Innovative Educator
  • @kingofprunes
  • The use of a podcast to outreach to the parents through the use of Google Sites and Podcasts
  • The use of a podcast to tell stories or at least in my class; give a "first responder's report"
  • The use of a podcast to interview someone in the field, a professional or maybe even a student to "check for understanding.""
  • The equipment and how to start a podcast and how to breakdown a podcast"

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