How to Send a Check Donation to

Not all businesses have a credit card but prefer to use a check. is a 501.c.3 Non-Profit. Businesses like this type of organization because they can help others and it’s tax deductible.

Here’s Quick Overview. You will receive a letter stating your donation after you create your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a minimum of $100
  3. Select OTHER under “Complete your donation”
  4. Then select Check
  5. Then the button “Place my donation”
  6. If you don’t have an account, check you email for login instructions.
  7. Send your check as instructed by (another) email.
  8. Wait approx. 10 days.
  9. You will receive an email stating that your account was credited.
  10. Then get the letter
    1. Select Giving History under your account menu.
    2. Click on the link “annual receipt and detailed giving history” question.
    3. All statements for each year will be in PDF format, signed.

Step By Step

Go to
Enter a minimum of $100

Give a minimum of 100 dollars

Then select Other then Check:

select Other then Check


Place my donation

If this is your first time donating, an account will be created for you. Check your email:

check your email for account information

A new screen with instructions will appear (you will also receive an email),
follow instructions on how to send the check:

Here’s an example of me sending it electronically:

About 10 Days Later

You will receive an email thanking you for your donation confirming that
your account has been credited.

Go to Giving History to view your annual receipt.


Before they receive the check, you will still be able to access it. However, it will look like this:

After, it will look like this:

Time to Donate

Find a Project and donate any amount.

You can always add more.

Also, you can use the remaining balance for other projects at another time.

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