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Display Recent Form Submission First

Don’t you hate having to scroll through all the form submissions to view the most recent one first? A while a go, I had an article describing how to create a Google Sheet that would display the most recent Google Form submission. This article will have a different method… which I think is easier.

The Setup

Create the Google Form you need. Here’s an example. Fill it out to see how it works.

Now that you have your Google Form, go to the Responses Section.

Click on the Google Sheets button to create a linked Google Sheets.

Try adding a few responses to your Google Form 

 and see how the linked Google Sheets populates.

 Add a new Sheet (or Tab) at the bottom of your linked Google Sheets.
Copy and paste the headers from the “Form Responses” tab and add it to your new tab. The Example below shows that I changed the names to better represent the questions.

Freeze the top row

The Formula

We’ll start sorting from “Form Responses 1” cell A2 all the way down through column D for this example. Also, we’ll sort the first column in the range (or Timestamp) in descending order.
=SORT('Form Responses 1'!A2:D,1, FALSE)
This formula will be placed in cell A2 of the newly created sheet (or tab) that I will call “Recent First Tab”.

The Example

Try it out

  • Fill out the form on top.
  • Wait about 5 min.
    • It only takes this long because, in this example, the sheet is a website that gets published regularly
    • On an actual Google Sheet, the change is almost instantaneous.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Your response will be on top.

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