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Although I, Mr.G, am a Google for Education Certified Trainer & Innovator, you can write about anything educational technology. However, it is appreciated but not required to tie it to Google, Android, or Chrome.

No Compensation

I offer nothing in return other than a space to publish your work. On that note, if you have an ad that you would like to place on your article, you can include a link like the Amazon Affiliate program, for example…

What to Include


The title should be in the third person point of view and descriptive.

Header Image

Sample Header Image

JPG format image with size should be 800px by 450px. Also, set it as the featured image.

This image will be on two places, somwhere at the top or middle of the article, and as the featured image (displayed at the top of the article).

You can create a Canva account for educators to create amazing graphics.


Use a grammar and spelling checker. Google Docs already includes one. Copy and paste.

Have someone else provide feedback for clarity.


You can create a bulleted list of references like APA Style


Alternately, to cite your sources, including the following next to your information:

[1. Author, Linked Article Title.]
[2. Linked Article Title.]

Start with a bracket, followed by a number (in order) and a period. Then, enter your reference. Finish with a period and closing the bracket.

Since this will be a Footer, the last text you type should be References as a heading.

Here’s an Example (see bottom). 1

Example of Both

It may not be a good idea to combine both, but check out the following post: Social Media in Education.

Promote yourself

Include a social icons block.


Include which categories best fit.

As a Guest Author, select the top category. Here is a reference of each category and meaning:

  • Guest Author: Select this.
  • Android Edu: Android in Education and other apps.
  • EdTech Thoughts: Opinions on Education & Technology.
  • Google Products: Workspace, Gsuite, Apps, Chrome, Extensions and other Google related products.
  • How-To: Tutorials & Training.
  • Educational Technology: Apps, tools, and products other than Google & Android.

Edit Your Profile

Your profile will show at the bottom of every post you create. Include a profile image. Also, include a short bio in your profile. Some HTML will work, for example Links & Formatting:

<a href="http://palce.url/here">
Display Text to be Linked</a>
for <b>Bold Text</b>
and <i>Italizised Text</1>


Before you Finish: Include the References Section and preview your post. If you need help with the process, let me help you. When you submit for review, I will edit for aesthetics, grammar and spelling, then publish.

  1. Footnotes, Edublogs.