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From Plain Text to Rich Text Format

For Google Forms, Twitter, Facebook, and more…


This is a Google for Education Innovator Project for #VIA20

The original idea was to help educators with Google Forms by emphasizing key ideas for better reading and easier understanding.

However this works across multiple platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and other non-RTF text areas where Unicode Text is accepted.


Easy as 1,2,3. After installing the extension, open the Google Form you want to edit.

  1. Select the text (highlight)
    • Right-click on selected text
  2. Mouse over the Format context menu item
    • Select the desired format (e.g. Sans Bold)
  3. Right-click on selected text (again)
    • Select Paste context menu item.

Alternately, Instead of step 3, use:
[Ctrl]+[V] to paste



Future Updates

  • More text formatting.
  • Technical updates.
  • Changing the Logo

Version Meaning


  • Full Version Update.
  • Extension Manifest Version.
  • Code Build Attempt before current submission or minor changes.
  • Webstore Submission Attempt or minor changes.

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