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GEG: Google Educator Groups

What is GEG?

Google Educators Group is a Google for Education (Google Edu) community of educators using Google who inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology.


Originally, GEGs were Google Plus (G+) communities that were very popular among G+ using educators. However, after the fall of G+, most GEGs were affected. Some tried to stay afloat while others just stopped altogether. In my example, GEG-SOUTX (Google Educators Group of South Texas geg.soutx.us) stayed dormant in the attempt to continue with the community. As of October 2019, @EfrenR is the Leader and @eduGOOGdroid (me) is the manager (unofficial Co-Leader).


Although the GEG Program never actually died, there was little info about it. Then, in May 2019 a twitter account started to become active.




And yet, it has existed since before the announcement of G+’s shutdown. The official Google Edu Community page still mentions G+ and many GEGs have been removed from the map. Thus, you can see progress, but still needs a lot of work. At least, @GegProgram is working on making things happen.





I’m looking forward to what is about to come. Our GEG is still not on the map as of October 2019… At that point, I will edit this section 🤞.


As of 2021, our GEG is on the map and it is fully operational. We are looking forward to a new era of Google Educator Groups.





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