Profile Photo Overlay Frame - Google for Education

Here are the Google for Education profile picture overlay frames for Certified Innovators, Trainers, Educators (Level 1 & 2), and anyone planning to attempt L1 or L2.

Profile Frame

Although this is an unofficial picture overlay, it'll work until an official one is available.

The green frame is meant for anyone who wants to be certified. The rest are for those who are Google for Education Certified respectively.


Here are two types: Ring & Eclipse
When adding you profile picture or photo, resize it first then use the [Ctrl]+⬇️ to move it behind the frame. Using [Ctrl]+⬆️ moves images above others.


Click on the frame you would like to use.

Learner Ring Template  Level 1 Ring Template  Level 2 Ring Template  Trainer Ring Template  Innovator Ring Template  Trainer & Innovator Ring Template


Click on the frame you would like to use.

Learner Eclipse Template  Level 1 Eclipse Template  Level 2 Eclipse Template  Trainer Eclipse Template  Innovator Eclipse Template

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