Let Google Do It on The Suite Talk

How do you make your life easier? On Episode 18 of The Suite Talk, I'm invited to talk about how Google can help.

The life of a teacher is busy. Our personal life doesn’t have to be, just Let Google Do It. In this episode of The Suite Talk with Kim Mattina (@The_Tech_Lady): this is how my wife (@MinnieEDU) and I manage our lives.

  • Google Calendar
  • Google “Lists”
    • Express
    • Keep (Any other type of list)
      • Doctor Appointments
      • Or Google Forms for more serious stuff
  • Google Assistant (Google Home)
  • Google Photos
    • Never Lose Your Photos
  • Other (if time allows):
    • At School
    • Google Voice
    • G Pay
    • Lastpass
      • Keep track of your passwords
    • Google Cloud Print
    • YouTube TV
    • Files GO