Coffee EDU: The Educators' Unconference

Join me on this #CoffeeEDU: The Educators' Unconference.
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Admission is FREE! - food & coffee extra.

What is #CoffeeEDU?

When & Where


Did you know that 17th or 18th Century Oxford Coffee Houses were known as
Penny University?

Like CoffeeEDU, Penny Universities were unstructured places where one could learn; alternatives to established institutions.
  • Friday, Feb. 22, 2019
    4:30pm to 5:30pm


Install a QR Code Scanner on your mobile device.
  • Open to All Educators
  • CoffeeEDU is STRICTLY one hour
  • This Professional Development is impromptu, unscripted, on the fly, conversation style… less presentation style
  • Grow your Professional Learning Network
    • It's about Educators connecting
    • It's not about promoting organizations or businesses.
  • Receive a digital Professional Development certificate of attendance.


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