Go Paperless with Kami & Google Drive

Whether it's filling out paperwork or having students fill out required worksheets, these tools will help! Here's how...

Not all worksheets are the best practice for student engagement. However, there are some that are important. And depending on your school, some worksheets may be required.
That is just without the paperwork that teachers need to fill out.

Saving to Google Drive

Kami will be an important part in student success. First, let's start with creating PDFs of paper.

Tip 1: Copy Machines

Some new copiers can scan multiple documents and save them to USB as PDF instead of making copies. This is something that is not commonly known. Even school technicians and campus technology specialists don't know about this feature. If you need help identifying this, let me know.
Then, just save them to Google Drive.

Tip 2: Mobile Document Scanner App

As for iOS (Apple), there should be some apps to scan documents. These PDFs can later be uploaded to Google Drive.
For Android, the Google Drive app is the Document Scanner.
  1. Tap on the ()
  2. Tap 📷 to start scanner
  3. Tap the (🔵) to capture that page
    • Flashlight may be required
  4. You can either:
    • Tap 🔄 to try that page again
    • Tap  to add more pages.
    • Tap ⬜ to crop and adjust that page.
    • Or tap 🎨 to adjust settings.
  5. Tap on the name, "Scanned....pdf" to rename it.
  6. Tap ✔️ to upload.

Starting with Kami

First Kami is Free and also has a paid version.
Now that you have the PDF file, it's time to edit.
You will need these two links.
Another way to use Kami is by adding it through Google Drive:

Editing Assignments and Paperwork

Google Classroom

Although the paid version allows for more functions like Creating a Kami assignment on Google Classroom, you can still share PDFs through Kami. However, you can assigning a PDF through Google Classroom, and students can use Kami to edit. The difference is that whey they save it to Google Drive, they will have to attach it to the assignment to turn it in. Just one extra step.


Kami has important tools like adding text, highlighter, shapes, and paintbrush in the free version. This helps students answer questions, focus on text, and even draw like the sample at the beginning.
Drawing can be done:
  • With the mouse
  • If you have touchscreen, with your finger
  • Or, with a touchscreen pen.
Student cans still assist each other when the document is shared by commenting.

Go Paperless

Whether getting rid of your desk clutter, or using virtual worksheets, you can go paperless by using Kami to fill out your documents.


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