At #ISTE2017 and this happened

Everyone's experience is different, this was mine.

It has been a while since last time I posted something on my blog. As many of you may know, there were several complications in my family that took me away from this blog for a year. Recent good news has given me the courage to carry on.


For anyone new to ISTE (like me), you may be overwhelmed by everything there is around to see. So, start a schedule of what you want to attend. I used Google Calendar and shared it with my wife. Both of us had access to add what we wanted to attend. That meant double-, triple-, etc-, booking. But that's ok. Sessions that you may want to attend may be full.

What are you going to carry? I had two bags: shoulder bag with important stuff like wallet, phone, and other personal items; the other was a rolling backpack to carry my Chromebook and everything else I'll be getting throughout the days. Each day, after arriving at the hotel, I would go through that "rolly" and keep or trash what was needed.

How to get there! That has to do more with where are you staying. I stayed in a hotel away from the convention center. These tend to be too expensive and schools only refund so much. Thus, I used a ride service. Lyft this time. Many tech news on Uber had left me with a sour taste. 

Keynote Session

The session started with what is ISTE. The one thing I enjoyed was the ISTE Standards for Students song.

Next was Jad Abumrad talking about he started with Radiolab. The key part of it was you know what you want to do is great, but what you are doing is not good enough at the beginning. And just before getting to your greatness, you quit. This is where you need to push forward and work hard to be great.


Although the word Poster may sound odd at first, posters are "mini-sessions" you can attend at random. These typically last a few seconds to a few minutes. Make time to attend these.

Out of many, some that I enjoyed were from other countries. This year, Mexico was so close to the conference that multiple "posters" were presented. I enjoyed the idea of creating auras with Aurasma for professional development. An excellent idea that I enjoyed was students teaching students using Google Hangouts. I enjoy these because you get to talk to the presenters.


When I went to a snapshot, I saw something along the lines of 2 of 3 or so. That means that it is a fraction of a class in a set. Thus, going to Snapshot 2 of 2 means that you'll have to wait until the first presenter finishes for your presenter to be next.

Expo Hall

Though the expo hall is not so much about learning, it was very instructive. However, some booths actually had training you could attend. I enjoyed the ones that had featured presenters and EdTechTeam.  Make sure you have plenty of time for this... and Space. I have a "rolly", but I ran out of space for the free stuff I'm still getting. So, I'll have to go to the hotel and return. Actually, make time for this.

ISTE 2018

Now that I've had my taste for ISTE, I'm looking forward to Chicago.