It's #TryPod month. Here are my Top 3: @GTeacherTribe - TWiG by @TWiT - @SYSKPodcast

#TryPod is podcast awareness during the month of March. However, throughout the year, when recommending a podcast use the appropriately designated hashtag.

I know. It's the last day(s) of March, but I did post one earlier this month. I just forgot to tag it.

My top three are:

  1. the Google Teacher Tribe is a #GoogleEDU specific podcast
  2. This Week in Google is a tech news podcast with a loose focus on Google
  3. Stuff You Should Know is a general knowledge podcast (for this one, listen to a few episodes completely before you judge the podcast).

Honorable Mention:

  • The Google Educast is/was a #GoogleEDU specific podcast. The last episode was in June 2016 and nothing since

Others I listen to and you should #TryPod

Others I should #TryPod

What do you recommend?

I'm looking for a podcast on Android for Education. Let me know.