Easily Find Out What's Pending

Keeping track of what is pending may take highlighters, crossing, and check marks. With a Google Forms, it's easy to keep track.

This idea came when keeping track of which teacher has taken lunch during testing days. It has been more than once that I have been passed by for lunch. This way, there is a "Lunch Pending" list.

Save Pending List to Drive
Copy this https://goo.gl/5qoqtY to your Google Drive.

The Google Sheet will appear. However, on Google Drive, two files will appear. The second is the Google Form.

Optionally, you can rename the files.

Change the Pending List to any use you may need like the example at the beginning. The term Unique ID can be renamed, but it has to be done in the Google Form. As long as it remains a unique identifier, anything can be used: Student ID, Room Number, Item Serial Number, etc.

Open the Roster tab in the Google Sheet and paste the Unique IDs and corresponding Items. DON'T Delete the word PENDING. If you don't have a list previously made, type it in. Note that the Items list only allow for one field. Thus, if you need a first and last name, it'll be in the same cell.

Copy the word PENDING, then select the remaining blank cells and paste.

That's it, try it out. As you submit Unique IDs, the Pending list will shrink.

To reuse this list, go to the Form Responses tab. Delete from row 2 and on.

Something not working correctly? Send me a comment below (G+).