Random Name Selection

"Sir, you just have it against me," is a common response some students have when selected. Here's a solution.

Once a student stops responding, I subconsciously stop picking them for questions. I may at times pick on the student that is not paying attention, not asking others that may need it. A random name selector is a great option.
Save Random Selector to Drive

Create a copy of this: https://goo.gl/7w4KwJ
Go to your Google Drive. A Copy of Random Name Selection will be created.

You can always rename it.

Add your class roster. This version of Random Name Selection is for one roster only. Another one will be created for multiple classes.
Next, refresh ([F5] or [↻]) the Random Name Selector tab.  Wait 5 seconds. A new name will appear. If the name doesn't change after 8 seconds, that is the name.

Now, you can reply, "It's not me, the computer chose it."

Something not working correctly? Send me a comment below (G+).