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Parent Contact Form & Log

Special Request: Keeping track of your calls can be simple with Google Forms
This useful Contact Log can be modified using a few parameters.

  • For/Regarding who or Name
  • Reason for the contact
  • Type of contact like Letter or Phone call, etc.
  • Who was Contacted, and
  • A general purpose field or Comments
Save Contact Form & Log to Drive

Copy this to your Google Drive.

The Google Sheet will appear. But on Google Drive, two files will appear. The second is the Google Form.
Optionally, you can rename the files.

Edit the Google Form to add or remove options as needed.

One change you will need in the Hall Pass Form is to make sure that it is not restricted to Domain users, and it does not Limit to 1 response. It was not designed for this. It was designed for efficiency.

Edit the Google Sheet. Start by adding your school logo and inserting it at the top left.

Rename the tab. 
The Roster tab should be edited. You will remove the students there and add your students. A unique identifier should be there. It’s usually called Student ID Number. But, don’t change the headings (Name, and Unique ID).

Now, install the copyDown add-on. If you don’t have it, Get add-ons…. After, start or check the copyDown settings.

Turn it on.
After, a new column will be created in the Form Responses tab. Make sure that Formula Row 3 is selected. An empty submission may have been created.

Open the form and try it.

Delete any rows you don’t need by selecting the numbers (not the cells).

Ready to print? Here are a few settings that will make it look nice.
Something not working correctly? Send me a comment below (G+).

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