Take Notes and Get Organized on All Your Devices #SummerReruns

Taking notes on paper only takes you so far. Collaborative notes will take notes to the next level. Here's the app that can be used on any device, even Android Wear.

This article is a bit old, so I think it's time to do a "Rerun". Google Keep is the note taking tool that is becoming popular fast. It has many features that make it a very powerful tool that includes searching your notes.

Types of Notes

All notes have a Title, then there's

  • Default
    • Just like typing on a basic Word Processing tool, this is just text.
  • List
    • A checkbox list. Great to-do list, shopping list, short term goals (list) to accomplish a long term goal (title).
    • When you complete an item, you can check it off and it'll move to the bottom. Made a mistake? Remove the check.
    • On your Android's home screen, try and say "OK Googe" then "add study for exams to my ultimate goals list". If you have Google Now set up to start any time, this is useful.
  • Draw
    • Are you used to note taking on Paper? This is for you. Using a stylus, Google Keep can substitute a paper and pen.
  • Recording
    • With Voice Recognition, you will create a voice note with the added benefit of plain text. This can help students with pronunciation.
  • Photo
    • You can take a photo or choose an image. Then you can continue with adding text.
    • OCR: Google Keep can Grab Text from images. Now you can copy and paste from paper!

Organizing Notes

Searching for notes is easy. You can also find notes by the type of note or with whom did you share it with. To enhance your notes, there are two organizing features you can use.
  • Color Coded
  • Labels (Tags)
    • Labels are automatically created with a # (hashtag). So, if you take a note and add a hashtag within your notes, that tag becomes a label.

Other Features

Did I mention sharing? Collaboration is important when you have Department Goals that anyone can complete. Try it at home with a shopping list. Now you won't have to buy tomatoes twice.

Set reminders. Not all things go on a calendar. Especially when, there is no actual due date. But, reminders are needed.

Convert the notes to a Google Doc.

Archive your notes.