Free Android Apps #summerReruns

Many schools will pay for iOS apps. Not as many will pay for Android apps. Here's how you can get the apps you need, and all you need is your valuable opinion.

This is my first Summer Rerun. Those of you that have been with me since the beginning know about this already. However, I always need reminders. Plus, it's always good to have updates on articles (especially since this one never made it on this Blogger site). For most of you that are new, enjoy.
With the recent news that Chromebooks will now include Android apps, it is more relevant now to include educational Android apps in your curriculum.

With Google Opinion Rewards, not only can you get Android apps, you can get: Books, Movies & TV, Music, and Magazines. This provides you with a well balanced digital education.

Your opinion is valuable, Google knows it, and is willing to pay you with Play Store credit. All you need to have is Locations & Wi-Fi turned on. When your phone is near a location that requires an opinion, your location will be logged and your phone will notify you with in a day or few. If you're worried with privacy, Google for Education is FERPA compliant.


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