Don't Buy Chromebooks Without Reading This Post First!

Especially if you're buying in bulk, it's important to know what is happening with Android Apps, and what Chromebooks provide the support you need.

eduGoogDroid is more relevant now than ever. Although few of us already knew that Chromebooks were integrating Android apps, there were only speculations about how this would work. Especially with Google for Education, Work, or any Google Apps products.

This video tells you many things, but it's meant to be for developers. So after the video, I continue my post with my key takeaways and what Chromebooks to buy.

Key Takeaways on Android Apps on Chromebooks

  • Available until September.
  • Must opt in to use it.
  • Policies will be in place to identify if or which apps are available.
  • Only few Chromebooks will start supporting it.
Google is discontinuing Google Play for Education, and now I know why. So, these are the Chromebooks to buy:
Eventually, more will be available. But for now, these are the only three. Note that currently supported Chromebooks are touch screen for better compatibility.