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Two reasons your Google account gets Hacked

These are the two reasons you Gmail account can get hijacked. Prevent this from happening to you.

Week Passwords

If you are using the minimum safety required for passwords, then your account is bound to get hacked. Your minimum from now on should be, at least…

  • … 10 characters in length
  • … 1 UPPER case
  • … 1 lower case
  • … 1 number
  • … 1 special character (e.g. @#$%&-+*’!? any on a qwerty keyboard should work)

More of each is better if you can remember it. The minimum number of each shown here is for the current technology. As time changes, so will the minimum number of characters.


This is where things get complicated. There are many that are trying to obtain your account info using a system called phishing.
Like casting a net to fish, phishing is casting emails. The bait is a claim that ultimately requires you to click on a link and sign in. Though the website looks just like Google’s, the address (URL) is suspiciously similar.To prevent this requires vigilance.

  • Google will never ask for your account info via email unless you initiate the request for help.
  • Type the address in yourself and navigate to the service your trying to reach.
  • Use two step verification. This is the best advice I can give. Learn more here

But, for extra safety, buy a Chromebook.

“My Gmail’s been hijacked, help!”

There are two options if your Google account has been hacked.Can you sign in?

  • Follow the advice previously outlined
  • Change your password.
  • Do a Security Checkup


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