Limit Use With Kiosk Mode

The way I use Kiosk Mode is for students to sign in. They don't have access to anything else other than the provided links. There are many reasons to use Kiosk Mode which may include: display student's work, provide information about your classes, testing, etc. Here's how...

Windows Shortcut

On Windows you will have to copy and paste a Chrome shortcut (rename it if needed). Then, right click on the icon and select properties.
In the Target box, after the quote ("), you will have to type --kiosk followed by the website URL.
It should look like this:
"C:\...\chrome.exe" --kiosk
Except, the ellipsis will be different, and the website will be different.
The problem with this method is that [Alt]+[F4] will close kiosk mode.

Chrome App

For Chrome OS (Chromebooks, etc.) and Mac, use the following Kiosk app by Zebradog. Intuitive and simple to use.