How to Save a Google Plus Post for Later Reading

Did you know Facebook has a Save post button?
With many great posts on the GEG communities, it's difficult to read them with a busy lifestyle like that of a teacher. It would be great to have a place to save them. Here is a simple solution.

Create a Personal Collection

You could create a community of yourself and make it private, but the best choice is to create a collection:
  1. Go to Google Plus
  2. Click on Collections
  3. Select Yours
  4. Click on the plus and circle sign to Create a collection
  5. Give it a catchy name: e.g. Saved Posts
  6. Make it Visible to - Only you
  7. Click Create
  8. No need of a Tagline, but next you'll have a chance to make some changes.
  9. Click Save
That's it. Next time you want to save a post, share it to that collection. You may need to select See more to be able to share it to this collection.