Text Box or Drop Cap with Google Docs 📰

 Adding a #TextBox to #GoogleDocs just requires an extra step. Adding a #DropCap uses a similar process with more steps. Here's how.

  1. Add a drawing.
  2. Draw a text box.
  3. Type
  4. For text box continue with step 6.
  5. For drop cap:
    • Resize the box to smaller than the text. The text will remain the same size.
    • Set justification to Center and Middle
    • Increase font size.
    • Change font type.
  6. Make other changes as desired.
  7. Select Wrap text.
  8. Resize if needed.
  9. Change margin its to your preference
  10. Move it to the desired location.
  11. For text box, continue with step 13.
  12. For drop cap:
    • Retype the first word bold, all caps, without the first letter.
  13. Make other changes or enjoy.
Here's a sample: https://goo.gl/IkG723