Need money for class projects? Update: View these videos

Need money for class projects?

Update: View these videos

As teachers we end up spending our own money to pay for class materials. When I did my taxes this year, I was told that I didn't qualify for the "Teacher Tax Credit". It's now back according to, but you never know for how long.

#GoogleDotOrg has funded my class on #DonorsChoose as shown here:
Through DonorsChoose teachers can request equipment for projects. DonorsChoose is a #501c3 (tax deductible non-profit) organization. Thus, asking businesses to help you is a benefit. The best time to ask is during November/December because of #IncomeTax and are also the months of giving.

If you are an #Educator and want to start a DonorsChoose project, first create an account on:
Then, create an account on: but make sure you are using the same email as the #Amazon account.
Then, you or your students can create a project. Well, you create the project for your students, but it is student led. #ThinkItUp

Based on last week's post on #GoogleTranslate , I submitted this request:
I realized that a better #Android camera provides better results. So, I asked for, which is the #Samsung #GalaxyCamera 2

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What are your current DonorsChoose projects?


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